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MacOS 10.10 Yosemite public beta hits the floor

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Hey Ho,

yesterday Apple released the public beta to the first 1000000 people which registered to the Dev Program.

If you allready did, but you didn't revieve any mail .. just log into the beta website. You can generate a code there.

If you want to register .. do that on the link below.

The build is one number higher than the DP4 Yosemite released on Monday. Changes are not known yet. Read More

Yosemite DP 4 and iOS 8 Beta 4 published

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Hey folks,

we're getting a litte bit closer and taking one more step to iOS 8 and Yosemite.

Yesterday Apple made the latest betas available.

The Yosemite DP 4 is available via AppStore and even on hackintosh you can use AppStore to update safely to Yosemite DP 4.

iOS 8 Beta 4 is available as OTA ( over the Air) Update. Read More

untethered Jailbreak for iOS 7.1 .x

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The chinese pango team has released their untethered jailbreak for iOS 7.1 ( 7.1.1) yesterday.

The jailbreak is available for:

- iPad Air
- iPad 4
- iPad Mini
- iPhone 5 / iPhone 5 S / iPhone 5C
- iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S
- iPod Touch 5G

What you need:
- At the moment the jailbreak is only available for windows.
- latest iTunes

Please be sure to backup all data before trying! Read More

iOS 8 Beta 2 and MacOS Yosemite Beta 2 available

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a few hours ago, apple released for both new OS a new beta 2 version.

iOS 8 Beta 2 is available as OTA ( Over the Air Update) for those who allready installed iOS 8 on their devices.
If you don't have iOS 8.0 Beta 1 installed you can follow the instructions here: iOS 8.0 Beta 1 Install HowTo

MacOS 10.10 Yosemite Beta 2 is available via AppStore for those who allready installed it. If you don't have it allready installed and if you own a hackintosh follow the instructions here: MacOS 10.10 Yosemite Beta 1 HowTo for hackintosh

iOS 8.0 Beta 2 - Whats new

- PodcastApp is now preinstalled in Version 2.2
- iPad now gets QuickType keyboard as well
- several Bugfixes and Changes in various Apps like: Books, Messages etc
- new camera / microphone icon in
- German Lockscreen now reads "Entsperren" instead of "Zum Entsperren streichen"
- safari blocks now, if a website try to forward to appstore.
- - you can now mark all messages as read.
- - your local weather is now called "local weather" instead of the name of the city your are in atm.
- facebook -> videos can now be played again
- settings-> mail, contacts, calendar -> new timezone settings and a new setting for calendar weeks.
- in -> details -> everything is german now ( was mixed with english before)
- runs faster and without the annoying delays.
- -> clicking on the picture preview now leads you the right picture ( was bugged in beta 1)
- AppSwitcher now runs faster and smoother than in Beta 1
- notification center now have a new widget: "calendar",
- iOS 8 still hangs sometimes for a few seconds :(
- -> if trying to add emoticons often hangs.
- while shutting down iPhone shows a blank screen instead of rotating circle (if pressing powerbutton again it shows the circle) Read More

Install Apple Yosemite 10.10 on hackintosh (OSx86)

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Apple released their lates MacOS Version Yosemite. Here is a howto install it on your hackintosh.

Note before you start

As usual before you start a short info ... this is beta software, so don't expect it to run without problems.

Requirements to install Yosemite Beta on your hackintosh

- Access to MacOS running PC ( best your hackintosh)
- USB Stick with at least 8GB
- Time Read More