Yosemite DP 4 and iOS 8 Beta 4 published


Hey folks,

we’re getting a litte bit closer and taking one more step to iOS 8 and Yosemite.

Yesterday Apple made the latest betas available.

The Yosemite DP 4 is available via AppStore and even on hackintosh you can use AppStore to update safely to Yosemite DP 4.

iOS 8 Beta 4 is available as OTA ( over the Air) Update.

What changed on Yosemite DP 4?

– handover is still disabled on hackintoshs ( since DP 3)
– Dark Mode Settings have changed. There is now a checkbox to enable the dark menu bar and Dock in Settings -> General
– Calculator has a changed icon and a new look. It looks like iOS 8 CalcApp now.
– MailApp has a new Button: archive selected Mails
– iTunes icon has changed with the latest iTunes Beta.
– new iTunes look & feel
– for hackintoshs: update clover. else you will have a black box around the apple icon on booting

What changed in iOS 8 beta 4?

– ControlCenter has a new look & feel ( removed black borders around icons)
– a new TipsApp is installed on homescreen
– Contacts / Favorites can now be hidden in AppSwitcher
– New Setting „EU Roaming“ to deactivate roaming in EU Countries
– some new settings for gestures in MailApp ( you can choose what left or right swipes will do)
– new Display Settings: there is a new Display & Brightness section with options to adjust screen brightness, text size and activate bold text.
– Bug Reporter App is now removed
– Safari bookmark icon got a small redesign
– Emoji Icon on the keyboard has been redesigned. it got a hapier face now.

stay tuned for more…



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