iOS 8 Beta 5 and MacOS Yosemite DP 5 available

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Yesterday Apple released the latest betas for iOS 8 and MacOS Yosemite. So far i can tell for now there are only small changes and a lot of stability improvements.

iOS 8 is available as OTA Update. OSX is available through AppStore. Note for hackintosh users: you can safely install via AppStore.

iOS 8 Beta 5 whats new .. what changed?

– Build Number 12A4345d
– Continuity SMS is now named SMS Relay. You will be asked after login if you want to allow your mac to use SMS Relay
– new privacy settings for healthkit
– Predictive ( QuickType) can now be activated/disabled by pressing and holding the smiley on the keyboard.
– the „restore to itunes“ logo is now red on the phone too.
– icloud drive photo synch now offers an option to keep only optimized photos instead of full size photos.

MacOS Yosemite DP 5 whats new .. what changed?

– calculator is now a bit more transparent
– system settings now misses the back button ( not sure if this is wanted or by mistake) so you have now to press „show all“ to get back
-speaker volume and brightness display has changed slightly and have now a dark theme look included
– safari has a new setting „show full websites adress“
– Launchbar: new look & feel if downloading an app
– slightly changed Books icon.

have fun testing 🙂


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