Day 2 with iOS 7 on iPhone 5

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Playing a bit more around with iOS 7 beta i can show you a little bit more from what changed.

If you didn't read Part I be sure to check it out here: Day 1 with iOS 7 on my iPhone 5 - Whats new in Apples iOS 7

New Gesture in iOS 7

One of the very first things i noticed was a new gesture nearly everywhere were a "back" button is. Now you can swipe from right to the left instead of clicking the "back" button.
This works even in Safari to get to the previous page. (or if you swipe from left to right to get a page forward)

I heard from more than one gesture which is new but only found this. If you know more ... lemme know in the comments!

New Multitasking and view for open apps

If you now go to the multitasking view by pressing the home button twice, you'll now see a preview of the app and below the app icon.


You can now close the app by swiping your finger from middle to the up.

The new camera app in iOS 7

The new camera app has a black and white design and offers now more intutive usage.

iOS 7 camera app

by clicking the icon in the lower right (3 circles) you can add photo effects before shooting the photo.


hdr can now be enabled or disabled by pushing the button in the middle.

by scrolling the options you can switch from video to photo to square to panorama. as you notice on the screenshots this options are still english even if the language set to german. i think this will be better in the next betas. I personally don't like the "pano" as shortcut for "panorama" .. i hope this will be done better.

as usual you can switch from back to front camera by clicking the icon in the upper right. I dont like this icon because its a bit misleading. it looks more like a folder than a camera ... but thats only my personal oppinion.

if switching to video the big button to start the recording goes red. in photo mode its white.

the fonts used in the camera app aren't that good and readable .. and are only used there...i dont know why .. and i hope that gets changed as well.

the brand new safari in iOS 7

As mentioned before you can now swipe left or right to go back / forwad.
There is a new fullscreen mode which activates itself if scrolling down :)

The textmode is now in the left side right before the URL.

iOS 7 safari textmode

the new AppStore

the new appstore features automatic updates. you can enable that in settings.
if you updated apps you will now have an overview which apps were updated.

iOS 7 Appstore updated apps history

more bugs

- skype don't work with the current version of iOS 7. It crashes on login.
- BW Bank Online Banking don't work currently. You'll get a message telling you that you are using a jailbroken device. after that it fails on getting bank accounts.
- Siri is a bit laggy and fails quit often to understand what you say. i needed like 5 times to tell siri to write a message to my gf. thats really annoying.
- twitter sharing etc works but if you upgraded (instead of doing a clean iOS 7 install) you need to enter credentials again!
- springboard restarting on various situtations .. like using siri ... around 6-7 Times since yesterday.
- find my iphone app crashes on selecting a device.

more to come tomorow :) stay tuned!



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