HowTo: OSX86 on Sony Vaio VGN-FE21M

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Since we have a fully Mac related Network now here at work i had to check if it's possible to get OSX running on one of my old Sony Vaio Laptops. After varios attempts i got it now running. Everything fully working (except the internal Screen, which is very ... different ... on Sony Laptops) including QE/CE (full graphics support).

To make it a bit easier for all who want to do the same thing i collected all kext and stuff i did.

What can i expect?

First of all i only managed to run MacOS 10.6.8 on this Sony Laptop. Every attempt to install 10.7 or 10.8 ended in a black screen if i try to boot into installation.

So after everything done right you will have a nice fully working OSX 10.6.8 running very fast. You will have sound and can play games or burn cd's/dvd's. WLAN is working but only on open Networks.

Sony Vaio VGN-FE21M Hardware

Graphic: Nvidia Go 7600
LAN: Intel Pro/V100
WLAN: Intel 3945ABG

What do i need?

- Get iATKOS S3 v2 from: here
- Get the drivers from: here
- USB Stick 8GB+ or empty DVD

Installing OSX86

- On Windows use TransMac to restore the iATKOS S3 image to the USB
- On Mac restore the iATKOS S3 image to the USB stick in Disk Utilities and then install chimera on the USB Stick.
- Boot from the USB Stick by enable "allow external boot" in bios
- In Installation Screen click next until you can choose the harddisk. Prepare the Harddisk ( Partition it with disk utilities using one partition) then select the button in the lower left "advanced" (or however it is called). Do the following things there:

- deselect Audio ( if its selected)
- select Voodoo PS/2
- select Battery (under Laptop)

Don't select any of video or sound drivers!

Then install MacOS.

Plug an external Monitor in the VGA Port of your Laptop.

If you are finished try to boot into your MacOS using the -v switch in your bootloader.

Normally you should now boot into your MacOS and create a user and stuff.

If that is the case for ya go ahead with the next step. If not try booting with: -v GraphicsEnabler=No

Installing KEXTs ( the drivers) and other stuff

Put the downloaded treiber.rar file on a USB Stick and put that USB stick in your Sony laptop which is running MacOS now. Extract the kext files and put all kext files in: /System/Library/Extensions

Use KextUtility now to have the files chmoded etc.

reboot your Laptop.

After reboot you should have a working network so you can download the OSX86 Utilities. Download them and enable Quartz GL.

Now download the Combo update from: here and install it.

Reboot once again and you should now have a working 10.6.8 with sound, graphics and other stuff.

How does it looks like if finished?

If everything is ok it will look like this:

Sony Vaio OSX86 10.6.8

Greetz from Germany ...


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