HowTo: Siri on iPhone 3GS running iOS 6

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After a long time i finally find some time to blog about Siri again. While the last year was a bit busy and full of things to do, i hope to have some more time this year for several interesting stuff.

After the update to iOS 6 the iPhone 3GS was unsupported for most Siri Ports. Now there is a "new" Siriport called (guess what): SiriPort !

I tested on my old 3gs and it was working for me so far, however the "siri button" was not displayed for me but everything else worked.

What can i expect?

A running Siri on your iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3G and iPod Touch 4G. They have their own server running.
You can check if the server is up here: Siri Server Status

How to install SiriPort

The whole process is pretty straight forward.

- open your cydia
- add a new source:
- install "SiriPort (Original) iOS 6
- reboot your device
- install the new certificate from here
- siri is always enabled and ready to use

Thats all so far ... await some more posts in the future

Cheers Matthias

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