iOS 7 Beta 2 arrived. that's new

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Aloa he,

yesterday Apple shipped beta 2 from their latest iOS 7 via OTA update.
Beside some bugfixes their changed some things.


iOS 7 beta 2 changes in Lockscreen

The clock icon changed slightly.


the unlock button now shows 2 small arrows and reads now "unlock >>".

Weather App

The weather app now shows a menu button in the lower right.


iOS 7 the brand new Siri

Siri has now (as promised before) a male voice available. The female voices changed in german a lot as well.



Voicememo is back to iOS 7. The icon changed along with the whole app which provides now a iOS 7 look & feel. The 2 main colors here are black and white.

Recorded voicememos can now be shared via messages, mail and of couse AirDrop. If the iPhone is locked while recording you can still see the app in the lockscreen.


UI Changes

The overall performance feels a bit better. animations are more smoother and it feels faster using the iPhone.

Messages App

The send button changes color to green/blue while you are typing depending if its imessage or sms.
You can now swipe from right to left on a message to show a timestamp

finally ... iPad version

there is finally a iOS 7 iPad version available. If i find some time i will put it on my iPad and show some pics here :)

Final Words

While everything feels faster and features are available, some of the bugs still exist. Skype crashes still on logon, my favorite golf app crashes ( this is a bit annoying ... but hey my girlfriend still have iOS 6 so we can use that ).
There is a new bug for me if i connect my iPhone to the PC ... it "lags" until it really connects. you put it in and have to wait like 1 min until the iPhone is noticed.

As usual: if you find bugs .. lemme know :)



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