iOS 7 Beta 5 arrived - still possible without dev account

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Howdy folks .. Beta 5 is available via OTA or if you don't own it its available for download. This release contains a few performance tweaks, a few bugfixes and .. some slight changes in the UI.

can i install iOS 7 beta 5 without developer account?

The answer is still: yes you can. If you are allready on beta 4 then you can use the OTA safely. If you are not on any beta build then you have to upgrade via iTunes. Be sure to update using the "shift" Button in Windows or the command button in Mac. No need to make a "clean" install before. It works with updating.

iOS 7 beta 5 Download Links

- iOS 7 beta 5 iPhone 5 Model 1429
- iOS 7 beta 5 iPhone 4S
- iOS 7 beta 5 iPhone 4 GSM
iOS 7 beta 5 iPad 4 WiFi
iOS 7 beta 5 iPad 4 GSM

Bugfixes in iOS 7

- Skype now works again!
- crashes in various apps has been fixed

still existing Bugs

- mobile banking apps don't work in most cases
- find my iphone app crashes if you try to show the location on map
- same friends app
- no unlocking or locking sound

Changes in iOS 7

- a ">" has been added to the button "slide to turn off" and reads now: "> slide to turn off" .. in german its "> Ausschalten"
- if in a call the icons have now circles around the buttons.
- Settings app now shows colored icons for first settings
- In a message now only the first name is shown
- iPhone starts now with a white screen and a black apple instead of a black screen with white apple.
- you can now disable the control center in apps to avoid open during playing a game.
- compass now shows the positioning of the iphone
- close animation is speeded up and works now again proper
- panorama pictures are not moving anymore if set as homescreen background :( :( :(
- changed twitter app icon in control center
- copyright notice in notification center (scroll down!)

so we slowly reach a more stable release state. but i expect at least 2 betas more to come because so many things are still redesigned and changed.


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